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If you have been treated unfairly, I have some great news for you. Nothing releases the favor of God like a godly response to an unfair situation.  

If you will allow God to perform supernatural heart surgery on you, you'll discover you have direct access to God's love, favor and power in unlimited measure.  

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If you've been in church for more than a month, you have surely heard a sermon on the importance of forgiveness. These messages typically inspire, at best, a cold-hearted “I choose to forgive them even though they don’t deserve it” response.  

What if there was another way? What if there existed a pathway so liberating that you would never again have to “try” or “choose” to forgive anyone? 

Messages on forgiveness abound. But how many messages have you heard about pro-actively blessing those who’ve hurt you? And does anyone know how on earth to do that? Or why someone would want to?  

The Special Blessings Prayer— borne of devastating personal betrayal and tested in the crucibles of post-civil war Colombia and in the Middle East where I have served as a missionary— unveils the secret behind both why and how to walk out Christ’s seemingly impossible command.


Download a printable copy of the Special Blessings Prayer to tuck in your Bible and carry with you everywhere. Plus access to an mp3 so you can pray along with me, along with all other course materials.



Hi, I'm Donna Partow. I’m just a Jersey girl who loves Jesus. I’m a no-frills-no-fluff bible teacher and prophetic prayer warrior with a heart to accurately discern, then boldly proclaim, God’s highest and best for your life.  

God has enabled me to conquer many things: trauma, addiction and health issues— to name just a few. But by his amazing grace, he’s also empowered me to achieve most of my dreams, like becoming an international best-selling author, professional motivational speaker, internet pioneer and global missionary traveling to six continents.  

My goal is to provide you with practical tools that enable you to Do What Matters in every area of your life.


Oh My Goodness!!! The person that Donna prayed with me from my list just contacted me!! Really respectfully opening her heart to what happened and why it happened the way it did with so much love. I thought I'd never hear from her again much less have a positive dream come true. Thank you Donna. Thank you for praying with me. Showing me her heart so I could see the beauty and not the offense. What you prayed for was almost word for word what she said she has gone through. Thank you for doing this. -- Abby  

Exactly 7 days earlier, Abby had shared this:  

Thank you so much for everything. Seeing my person like that [through God's eyes] broke me and I'm still in shock. I'm still processing and just not sure what to do now. This was very healing for me to listen to all of the prayers, because they seemed to touch upon everyone on my list. NOTICE: She wasn't sure "what to do now." All she had to do, after The Special Blessings Prayer, was wait and let the Holy Spirit move. And He did! The broken relationship is being restored!

A college ministry leader shares:

Wow! I learned something from just about every prayer that was prayed. My biggest stumbling block has been manufacturing offenses. I drop friends so easily because they "insult" or "offend" me. I've been asking God to send more good friends in my life and I realized he hasn't answered that prayer because I haven't been a good steward of the friends he has given me.  

Shawna - College student and ministry volunteer

She Cried the Whole Time!

A truly amazing time on the prayer call this afternoon!...I cried practically the whole time..but they were tears of repentance...of healing...and joy. I learned something new with each caller. Thank you, Donna, for your prophetic insight and for sharing the Truth in love. May you receive blessings untold for your labor of love !!! - Elaine



Can you honestly say that you are living every day fully confident and taking action steps toward your calling? Or could you use a boost in the direction of your dreams?

For more than three decades, God has used me to change lives and launch women into their destinies. My greatest desire is to empower you to become the best version of yourself.  



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