What if there was a sure-fire way to build your business and rise to the top of any company?

It’s true!  All you need is a proven plan that sets you up to Win the Day every day…and a strategy that makes sure you Put God First.  Not just in theory but in practice.

Get ready to go to the next level with:

  • Guided “Dream with God” exercises so you become unshakable in your convictions.
  • Self-Discovery process to uncover your true “Why” – the “Why” that will keep you going when you’re tempted to throw in the towel.
  • Done-For-You Planning System so you can balance family and career.

Stacy shares the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  She shares her victories…and her struggles.  This book begins and ends with one simple reality in mind: most people don’t survive long enough to enjoy the wild success they hear about from the stage. 

But YOU can be one of them. 

All you need to do is add a few simple tools to your Survival Kit and you can instantly start feeling more confident about who you are and WHY you are doing what you’re doing. 

The Work From Home Survival Kit for Christian Moms equips you to dream big, plan thoroughly and watch as each day brings your dreams closer to reality.  Because you are worth it!

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"Put God First. Win the Day.
Build Your Business."

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The Essential Work From Home Daily Tool Kit & Planning Guide

  • All the cool tools you need to plan every important aspect of your life.
  • Helpful, beautiful printables so you can balance the demands of your faith, family, and business.
  • Includes extra copies of all of the worksheets featured in the book.
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7-Minute Morning Meditations
@ 7:30amET (Weekdays)


So if you're a Christian Work at Home Mom, you have definitely heard the expression, "God First, Family Second, Business Third." But how do we walk that out? How do we, practically speaking, make sure we keep God first -- when it's so tempting to dive into the mile-long To-Do list?

Join me weekday mornings for my "7-Minute Morning Meditations." I'll be sharing a short video devotional each weekday at 7:30am on the East Coast. (You can watch it when you wake up, wherever you are in the world.)

Here's a little secret about me. Yes, I'm a businesswoman. But I also love ministry! I absolutely love to study and share God's Word. In fact, it's my #1 passion. I've even been on a mission trip and am being mentored in ministry through Hispanic International Ministries. So I can't wait to share with you what God puts on my heart through study and prayer each day.

This is for any and ALL Christian WAHMs. All you need is a heart for God...and 7 minutes. (Hint: If you can't find 7're gonna lose your mind! So, yes, you have 7 minutes for God. )

God is doing something big here! That's why I've created a gathering place, a community, and a movement for Christian moms working from home. No matter what your side-hustle is, be encouraged, inspired, and empowered through the power of Christ. Invite your other female friends to join this tribe for connection, growth, learning, and fun.

Hosted using Facebook Live* in the Christian Work From Home Facebook Group.

* and occasional videos uploaded the night before if the fam needs me.

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What People Are Saying

"This easy-to-read book will become a manual for many moms who will be able to identify with the examples of similar women who have been able to successfully start their own businesses.

Stacy draws from her personal experience to present a clear message that will benefit those who are fortunate enough to purchase and read this timely information.

I can't wait to share it with my own wife, daughters and granddaughters!"

- Dr. Hector P. Torres, President, Hispanic International Ministries

"Thank you for your labor of love. This book is incredible! It’s so unique and so needed. I love the concept, the content, the Biblical basis, the success stories, the tools, and practicality of the book.

It’s very easy to read and adapt. It’s the perfect combination of inspiration and motivation coupled with tactical steps that we need to apply to our personal businesses that will produce results. So excited to share this with my team!"

- Shandi Starks, Social Marketer, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Minister, Pastor’s Wife, Mom of 5

"Oh my goodness, this book is AWESOME!  It was a quick and simple read loaded with applicable tools for me and my team. Your writing style is so encouraging! I enjoyed the personal stories along your success journey, and the best part is you remind your readers to keep our eyes on the Lord and to not give up.

I love the scripture points, the worksheets, the heart...all of it. Excited to share this tool with others on my journey."

- Toi Stepp, Social Marketer, Professional Actress, Dancer, Pastor’s Wife, Philanthropist, Mom of 2


About Stacy Woodford

I am a former elementary school teacher, turned stay-at-home mom. With almost two decades of experience building a social marketing business at the same company, my team of incredible leaders and I have built a 7-figure* organization.

I have learned how to be a survivor through perseverance, consistency, and trusting the Lord.

With 15+ years at the *top-2% of my company, I knows what it takes to stay the course.

My favorite job, however, is being a wife and mother. I'm mom to Samuel, Charlotte, and Montana. I have been married for 20+ years to my pilot hubby, Chad.

After spending half of my growing up years in the beautiful Canadian wilderness, working at my family's lodge, I'm now blessed to live in South Florida.

I love nature, reading books, encouraging others, and am passionate about my faith.