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You have a voice.
You have people who love and respect you.
You are surrounded by people who need more of God in their lives.
You know women who are serious about Becoming the Woman God Wants Them To Be.

By the grace and power of God, I’ve been commissioned to raise up an army of Wise, Well Women for the Advancement of His Kingdom Worldwide.
I offer Personal & Professional Development from a Distinctly Biblical Perspective

My commitment is to combine in-depth bible teaching, sound doctrine, decades of teaching experience and powerful prophetic insight  to help women discover and step into God’s highest and best will for their lives.

Let’s join forces.  

Help spread the word about Women’s Empowerment University. I’ll pay you 25-50% commission on all referrals. The system is 100% automated. Simply share your customized links via email, social media, your blog, etc. 
Once a month, commissions will be directly deposited into your paypal account.  
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Some of Our Classes

Below Are Just Some Of The Classes Offered At Women's Empowerment University

These are just some of our classes!

Help Spread the Word.

Earn 50% Commissions on all referrals