Declutter in 30 Days

Declutter in 30 Days

You’re Just 30 Days Away From an Organized Home!

Are you living in a constant state of clutter and chaos, wondering if there's any way out of the mess? Here comes “Gram” to the rescue with a simple, step-by-step plan to transform your home and your life. In just 30 days, you'll:

  • Find Motivation: Uncover the drive to finally declutter and organize.
  • Simplify with Joy: Learn the art of giving your stuff away and experience the joy it brings.
  • Connect with God: Develop the habit of daily prayer and devotion to bring real peace to your life.
  • Tidy for Good: Say goodbye to clutter forever and welcome lasting tidiness.
  • Take Back Control: Regain control of your home and family, shedding the stress and chaos that's been holding you back.

Joanne “Gram” Radke has been where you are now and found peace amidst the chaos. Let her show you the way to a whole new way of living where you can focus on what truly matters.

Your transformation begins today. Say goodbye to the mess and embrace the peace and organization you deserve. Your clean, organized life is just a month away. Don't wait—start today!

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Declutter Tip Sheets

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The 5-Day Declutter Challenge


Manic Monday

  • The Mindset - How to change our thinking and mindset to make it a Marvelous Monday
  • Tips and systems to put in place
  • Start your week Stress-Free.


Terrific Tuesday

  • The Plan - Make a plan, Stick to it
  • The best plan for you is the plan you'll actually follow!
  • Visual, Efficient, Everything in its place.


"Where Does It Go" Wednesday

  • The Process: Where do I start?
  • Pick a room, Assess the room, Go for it.
  • Be realistic and set yourself up for success.


Tidy Up Thursday

  • The Team - Pick your team
  • Everyone doing their part
  • Not a deep clean
  • Putting things back where they belong for the weekend


FUN-tastic Friday

  • Now that you have some time on your hands!
  • Plan for a FUN-tastic Friday with your family and friends.
  • Tips to try for your FUN-tastic Friday
  • How to enjoy the weekend.

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About Joanne "Gram" Radke

Joanne Radke has been a hands-on pastor, mentor, counselor, coach, and friend for over 45 years, helping hundreds of people, from all walks of life put their lives back together again.

Fifteen years of her 46 years of serving people, has been spent pastoring and working with the Salvation Army, practically helping families in many different situations. She has helped many families downsize and organize their homes and lives and mentored and coached others to get their lives back on track, emotionally, physically, financially, and practically.

She has worked in six different ministries, and for the past 17 years has overseen the CBA – The 700 Club Canadian prayer center, where she trains prayer team and ministers to many people daily by phone, across Canada.

Joanne has various expertise and has ministered, helped, and prayed for thousands of people. She was ordained in 1979 with the Salvation Army and later in 1984, credentials with Emmanuel Fellowship Inc. She is also a certified Pastoral Counsellor of The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America since 1979, and a Registered Clinical Counsellor with The Canadian Christian Certified Chaplaincy Association’ since 2019.