ATTN: Crafters!!!

You Can Go From
Overwhelmed to Inspired

ATTN: Crafters!!!

You Can Go From
Overwhelmed to Inspired

What if I told you that your collection of craft supplies could go from being a burden to a blessing? 

You’re about to discover a hobby that helps you use up your supplies, have fun, and join a community of like-minded people.

In The Beginner’s Guide to Junk Journaling, you’ll find a simple strategy to transform your trash into treasures and enjoy the meditative benefits of crafting – all while creating beautiful and useful journals to keep or gift to others.

Step-by-Step instructions show you how to:

  • Curate Your Existing Collection to Minimize the Mess.
  • Create Beautiful Ephemera From Random Bits of This & That.
  • Construct a Journal Using Whatever Paper You Already Have on Hand.
  • Compose Your Thoughts to Record Meaningful Memories.
  • Collage a Masterboard With Just Scraps. 

Say goodbye to frustration and shame.  Soon that mountain of unused “junk” will put you on the cutting edge of the hottest trend in crafting!

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FREE ACCESS: Ephemera Academy Video Training

Get free access to Ephemera Academy. In this hands-on workshop, you'll be able to create beautiful ephemera and have fun in the process.

You'll discover how to:

  • Create your own ephemera, step-by-step, layer by layer.
  • Learn tips and tricks to use up your supplies by creating snippet rolls and clusters.
  • Create journal cards, tags, and belly bands  
  • Customize your embellishments to coordinate and enhance your journal.

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How to Turn Your Craft Clutter
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Junk Journal Bootcamp!


Creating Ephemera

Learn how to use up scraps to create snippet rolls and clusters to embellish your junk journals and projects. See how many layers you can add to your ephemera!


Creating Tags

Make a Masterboard by collaging scraps onto junk mail. Then, cut it into coordinating tags to use in your journal. Learn the benefit of mass making!


Creating Envelopes & Pockets

Use recycled envelopes and magazine pages to create envelopes and pockets to hold the tags you created on Day Two.

There is no charge for this special event. Simply click the button below to join our free "Expressions in Junk Journaling" Facebook Group. That's where you can access the sessions.

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What People Are Saying

"Whether you have recently heard of junk journals or you saw those two words used together for the first time when you read the title of this book, this book is an excellent starting point.

From setting up your space, to making the journal, to using the journal, Heather has covered it all. This easy-to-read, concise, informative book will be where you send your friends after the junk journal bug hits you." 

- Darcy Sanders, Darcy's Mixed Media

As a crafter, I am guilty of hogging storage space for my many inspired forays into the latest creative trends. As an author, I also love notebooks for journaling and plotting my stories. Thank you, Heather, for bridging the two together with the idea of reusing and recycling all I already have at my fingertips to create a new kind of book.

There are so many great analogies given by Heather, but I appreciated the Biblical account of the widowed woman searching her home for things of value. It was a powerful reminder that I have been blessed with so much.

However, after reading Heather's book, I don't feel guilty about stashing those blessings on a shelf. Instead, I am excited to create!

- Katy Lee, Award-winning novelist

About Heather

Heather Campeau lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Mike. She has two adult children and enjoys spending time with her family.

Since childhood, she has loved to read, so it is no surprise she became an English teacher.

Heather cannot survive without chapstick, slippers, or hair products. During the summer, you will find her lifeguarding at the local pool.

She is passionate about creating journals and avoiding housework. Heather hopes to retire in Florida.