Indigenous Women Arise!

Indigenous Women Arise!

Siera Taketchera Russell is a direct descendant of the Wipukepa people. Raised in poverty and subjected to decades of abuse, she overcame severe addiction to graduate from Harvard University and become an appellate court judge. 

But her stunning rise to success is no fluke; instead, it’s based on time-tested principles which she reveals in this practical, inspiring guide for indigenous women.

Follow in her footsteps as she shares how to:

  • Know your worth - because you have an assignment with eternal value.
  • Walk in love - so you can respond wisely to every situation and live without regrets.
  • Write your vision - so can prioritize easily and say ‘No’ when you need to.
  • Cultivate gratitude - so your motives stay pure, and God always sends you more.
  • Protect your destiny - and refuse to accept any man-imposed limitations on your future.

Discover a meaningful path to a brighter future based on the best of indigenous wisdom and biblical truths. Because the time has come for native women around the globe to arise and claim their rightful place of influence.

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Dogoteh (Apache for Hello),

I am Siera Taketchera Russell and I'm the Founder of Indigenous Mentors, a global network of women impacting the next generation.

My passion to promote Indigenous women arises from over 30 years as an educator, judge, life coach, speaker, and author.

I love coaching and mentoring Indigenous women to achieve their dreams and live their best life ever.

Let me help you rise up in your God-given destiny!

"5 Secrets Indigenous Christians
Know That Can Strengthen
YOUR Walk with God"

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A Gift For You!

Are you searching for more purpose and meaning in your life? This simple tipsheet can serve as a daily reminder to help you:

  • Level-up your spiritual insight.
  • Focus on God's dream for your life.
  • Set Goals and follow through.
  • Stop wasting time with distractions.
  • Leave a legacy of accomplishments.

Get ready to experience a life where you enjoy daily accomplishments and dreams fulfilled as you take your God-given message to the world.

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A Gathering of Many Tribes

3-Day Virtual Mentoring Experience


Know Your Worth

Are there indigenous historical or generational trauma stories in your background? Let’s examine who you are in Creator Sets Free (Jesus). Step into a Spirit-led atmosphere of prayer and breakthrough, where you can experience the love and support your heart has been longing for.


Write Your Vision

Capturing your dreams with pictures or images quadruple your chances of achieving them. Let's lock arms and create a glorious vision for your future! Eliminate the distractions that keep you from abundant living.


Protect Your Destiny

Indigenous women are the wisdom keepers and carriers of their community’s cultural heritage. Refuse to accept any man-imposed limitations on Creator’s plan for your life. Find courage through your sisters and see your beauty and strength reflected back to you through their eyes!

There is no charge for this training. Simply click the button below to join our free "Indigenous Mentors" Facebook Group. That's where the replays of the sessions are now available.

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What People Are Saying

"Siera is a strong and courageous woman who’s not afraid to put it all out there. She knows that her struggles, challenges, and triumphs ultimately serve to benefit indigenous communities.

She’s a woman who has overcome immense obstacles and is living proof that 'with God all things are possible.'

Kelly Montijo Fink
Native American Music Award-winning singer/ songwriter & Vice-chair, Iowa Commission on Native American Affairs

"This book does an excellent job of reframing personal 'success' and demonstrating to Indigenous women that, no matter what challenges they have experienced, they have everything that they need to heal, thrive, and move forward on the journey of life.

Siera is a powerful teacher and voice for Native women."

Rebecca Tsosie

Regents Professor, University of Arizona College of Law

"Siera put into words what many haven’t been able to.  Her deep wisdom, experience, and maturity as a believer, come through every page. 

We have been deeply impacted by her words and have had to stop many times to reflect, shed a few tears, and talk with Creator Sets Free (Jesus).

We believe that Siera’s heart in this book is the heartbeat of heaven.  It is easy to read, understand, and apply.  I felt Creator’s love within these pages. A much-needed book for such a time as this."

Cindy & Justin Butow

Directors, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tribal Winds &

Singing Feather Ministries

My Story for

His Glory

For two decades, she lived a daily battle.  Would she press on in her pursuit of the pinnacle of success…or surrender to the constant temptation to self-destruct?

This riveting memoir recounts the journey of an indigenous girl from an impoverished reservation in the American Southwest... all the way to Harvard and U.C. Berkeley Law School.  Along the way, the demons from her violent, dysfunctional childhood continue to haunt her steps, dragging her again and again into the depths of addiction and destructive relationships.

Can she overcome the stigma of opioid addiction to fulfill her commitment to lead her tribe forward, discovering faith, hope and love along the way?

In this unforgettable, gut-wrenchingly honest book, Siera shares the difficult choices she made, the price she paid, and the reason she continues to believe.

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Make Every Day Count

You know you were born, at this exact moment in history, for a divine purpose. And you sense that the time is now to maximize the years that remain. But how do you turn your dreams into reality? One day at a time.

In this uplifting book, The Indigenous Mentor™, Siera Russell, shows you how to:

  • Connect with what God is doing around you.
  • Reduce stress and cultivate peace.
  • Take small steps toward big goals.
  • Keep your heart grateful.
  • Say a confident “No” to things that don’t matter.
  • Pursue faith goals.

You have more power than you know to transform your life and your community, while making a difference for eternity. And now you have a guidebook that shows you exactly how to step into that power.

About Siera Taketchera Russell

Siera Taketchera Russell is the CEO and Founder of Indigenous Mentors, a Native American consulting, coaching, training, and mentoring platform. 

She’s passionate about coaching women in academia, business, tribal government, and Native ministry. Siera provides cultural consulting services for tribal governments, corporations, and education institutions.


She earned a Juris Doctorate from UC Berkeley Law, a Master of Arts in Education from Harvard, and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, magna cum laude, from Arizona State University.


Siera serves as an appellate judge for a Southwest Indian community and oversees her family’s retail business. She also serves on the Indian Bible College Board of Trustees and the Living Water Foursquare Church council in Arizona.


In 2016, Siera was elected to a three-year term as a legislative member of her tribal nation’s council. Before this office, she was an assistant law professor. She taught Property, Criminal Procedure, Topics in Indian Law, and International Human Rights Law.


Siera is a direct descendant of the Wipukepa, a distinct people of the early Yavapai. Her ancestors were indigenous to the Verde Valley, Oak Creek Canyon, and Boynton Canyon in Central Arizona. 


She enjoys discovering Arizona parks and wildlife, especially with family and friends. 

If your church or organization would like to invite Siera to speak, please email inquiries to