Receiving Guidance From God

Receiving Guidance From God

Are you at a crossroads in your life?

Life is full of decisions and turning points. Especially when you’re heading into a new season: empty nest, career change, or relocation.  Or maybe you’re experiencing relationship or financial upheaval.  But whatever surprises are unfolding, you want to follow God’s path for your life.  

That’s why, now more than ever, you need clear guidance about how best to move forward.  And that’s what Impressions is all about.  During each day of your 21-day journey, you’ll discover modern-day parables that help you:

  • Listen for God’s voice  
  • Lean in to gain deeper understanding
  • Journal your response 
  • Pray for guidance
  • Put feet to your faith


Get ready to open your heart to the creative leading of the Holy Spirit. And embrace the peace and comfort of knowing you are on the right path.

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Guidance From God

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You Can Hear From God

  • Practical tips to tap into your natural creativity.
  • Get to know your Creator in a deeper way.
  • Simple 4 steps process will empower you to receive from God through images.
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What People Are Saying

"Impressions is a short daily devotional reminding me of the places and things I enjoyed doing in my past, accepting physical limitations that are difficult in the present, and looking forward to what I will do with God in spite of these limitations in the future. I encourage you to read this devotional. You won't be disappointed."

- Cora Hoffman, HCI Sales

"In Impressions, Dawn's ability to share what God's heart is for various situations a person might encounter is impressive. Her use of picture examples makes it easy to understand and receive the message."

- Hope Heller, Social Media Manager 

"Impressions reminded me God is always with us. The reader will realize whatever obstacles are in front of them, God will help them through. Trust God and realize he is always present and has laid out a plan for our lives."

- Laura Johnson,
Cardiac Sonographer

About Dawn M. Hanson

Dawn M. Hanson is a passionate believer and faith-filled prophetic seer. 

She receives picture stories and prayers from the Lord to bless others. She uses her gifting on church prayer teams, at home group meetings, in Christian group forums, and within her own family.

Dawn’s passion is to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation wherever she goes. And her love of scenery is evident in the stories woven throughout her writing.

She is a wife and mother of three adult children, who has lived in six different states and currently resides in central Wisconsin.