The Essential House Flipping Checklist

Don't Buy a Home Without It!

The one tool you absolutely must have to manage every aspect of your House Flipping business, all in one downloadable, printable PDF. Keep it handy to make sure:


  • You never forget to choose or purchase any essential items you will need for your flip.
  • You make all the selections and purchases early in your flipping process to save time and money!  No surprises!
  • You create a realistic budget you can stick to, resulting in higher profits every time! 

Preparation is the key to profits! So be prepared with The Essential House Flipping Checklist.

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About Gigi

Gigi Kinsey is an active Christian, a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been an entrepreneur since 2000, owning Kinsey Interiors and Remodel, and Kinsey Plumbing Service along with her husband, Doug.

Together, Gigi and Doug also own New Avenue Properties, a real estate investing firm.  They focus on flipping and building a real estate portfolio of short-term rentals. 

Gigi has committed to empowering women to join in the construction world, including standard remodeling and flipping.  She wants to remove the prevalent view that remodeling and building are only for men and replace it with the belief that construction is a career for anyone who desires it.  Her message is that women must take 100% responsibility for every aspect of their lives, take back power over their success, happiness, and walk with God. 

Currently, Gigi enjoys teaching women how to rehab houses for profit and to grow their portfolio of properties through coaching at the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network. 

Gigi will soon release her next book, which walks women through the process of building a real estate portfolio, specifically with short-term rentals.