What If You Could Dramatically Boost
Your Confidence Level in Just 21 Days...
& Become An
Absolutely Unstoppable Woman?

So let's get honest here...

Do you happen to have two competing voices in your head?

Voice #1 says: "I know God is calling me!"

It's the voice that urges you to rise above the mundane and the ordinary... into a life that's about something larger.

It's the voice that calls you to become your very best self. The you with a heart that burns to do more, to be more...

...to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. 

But then there's Voice #2.

That's the voice that whispers, "You've got to be kidding! Have you looked at so-and-so? You'll never catch up. You'll never be able to compete! Are you trying to make yourself ridiculous???

See if you can guess how I know about those two competing voices?


Let's just keep this our little secret, okay?

Because here's the truth:

I STILL HEAR both of those voices!

Look I get it. You probably read "best-selling author" and you're tempted to think:

"Donna, what do you know about struggling with confidence? You've got it made."

But it's a daily choice for me, too.

Will I fall back on Self-Confidence...and fall apart? Or will I step up with God-Confidence and move forward into my destiny?

Just like you, I know what it
feels like to contend for your calling. To stand against the naysayers and the dream stealers.


I've learned how to press forward. That's why I want to share with you:

--> My smartest moves...so you can imitate them.

--> And my worst mistakes...so you can avoid them.

Why not let me be your Virtual Mentor for 21 Days?

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It would be my honor to help you hear God's voice and answer His call.

For more than three decades, God has used me to change lives and launch women into their destinies. My greatest desire is to empower you to become the BEST VERSION of yourself.

Let me share with you how to:

  • Know the Difference Between Self-Confidence & God-Confidence
  • Wait for God to Do What Only HE Can Do!
  • Hear More Clearly Than Ever Before
  • Stay Confident & Quickly Bounce Back from Setbacks


What if all the years you thought you were waiting on God, He was actually waiting on you? 

Here’s the truth:

Leaving a legacy, making a difference in other people’s lives will NEVER be convenient. Every day that you tell yourself you’ll wait for another season of life is another day of simply surviving, not really living at all.

When you leave this earth do you want people to remember you for:

--> what you always dreamed of doing.

--> or for what you actually accomplished? 

What if THIS Really is Your Moment?

God wants you to fulfill your calling even more than you do! He wants to help you push through the fears, the naysayers, and the obstacles... to complete the good works that He prepared in advance for you to do! 

The door of destiny is open!  Don’t wait another day to walk through it. 

It IS time for you to walk in absolute God Confidence – and you can, in every area of life, and I’ll show you how!

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  • Uncovering Your Unique Assignment
  • Benefit from Confidence Boosters & Beware Confidence Shakers
  • Discover the Critical Role of Timing & Perspective

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