We've all been there. So inspired! You are going to fast. For 3 days. Or 10 days. Even 40 days. This is your big breakthrough moment.

Then midway through Day 2, the donuts call your name and that's the end of that. 

You feel defeated. Unspiritual. Maybe even ashamed. No more! Here's Your Fail-Proof Action Guide to Finishing Your Fast.

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Jesus said WHEN...not IF

When? When is right now! Because your days of defeat are over. With Give Pray Fast, you have a fail-proof action guide to give you everything you need to set up and finish your fast. Developed for an online training program for Christian women, this program has been tested by real women -- just like you.

In the past, these women struggled to finish their fast but they found -- as you will -- that the right strategy and tools change everything.


  • A step-by-step plan to set up your fast based on your schedule, your preferences, and what God has laid on your heart.
  • Creative ways to spend time with God -- because let's face it. If all you're doing is not eating, you're not fasting. You're just starving.
  • Setting up your Perfect Prayer Place - to get and stay motivated to meet with God
  • Strategies to Nurture Your Body and Soul -- so fasting is a joyous experience - and doesn't feel like a punishment.
  • Spiritual, Physical & Nutritional Ideas - from detox baths and cleansing drinks to bone broth, juice and smoothie recipes.
  • A Daily GivePrayFast Journal - so you can record the experience and learn through the process. That way your next fast (and you'll want to do another one!) will be even more blessed.
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What People Are Saying

This is an excellent guide to learn how to develop an intimate relationship with God through the Christian discipline of fasting. It is comprehensive yet easy to follow; it will give you the tools to implement a lifestyle of fasting.

- Susan Breckbill

WOW! This is the most practical guide to fasting that I have seen. Many thanks!

- Carol Clemence

I had never experienced as much energy a I did during my 3 day fast! I was not stuck in the same patterns of spending time with God that I had developed. The information on how to combat detox symptoms really helped.

-Luanne Redding

About Rennie J. Ling

Rennie Ling

Rennie is passionate about health and wholeness in spirit, soul and body. She desires one and all to live the abundant life Jesus came to bring.  

Rennie shares practical strategies from her own life and combines coaching, encouragement and accountability to empower others to reach their dreams and desires.

I believe we stand on the edge of a third great awakening that will sweep across the nations, bringing salvation, healing and joy. Giving, Praying and Fasting are essential keys to open the doors to this next move of God.