Ever Wonder Why
You're NOT Experiencing
the Prosperity God Promised?

"Whatever he does prospers." – Psalm 1:3

Ever Wonder Why
You're NOT Experiencing
the Prosperity God Promised ?

"Whatever he does prospers." – Psalm 1:3

If you believe God wants His children to prosper–but for some reason, you’re still struggling financially–then this book is for you! You could be just a few simple changes away from the life you were born to live.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Demolish a poverty mindset and start thinking like a wealthy person.
  • Prosper in every area of your life, not just your finances.
  • Make wise investments that pay off both now and for eternity.
  • Become someone God will trust with more resources.
  • Tap into supernatural provision and God’s strategy for debt elimination.

Drawing on her background as an investor, Bible teacher, and financial trainer, Deborah Amaral brings fresh insight into what the Bible really says about what it looks like to be blessed by God.  

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Deborah is passionate about taking anyone who will listen on a journey of transformation to help discover and unashamedly embrace their royal identity, claim their rich inheritance and walk in their kingdom authority.

Her message will empower and excite you as you discover:

  • How God’s economy is designed to meet every need in spite of any economy.
  • Keys that unlock supernatural abundance, prosperity and success.
  • Your rights, benefits and privileges as a child of God and a citizen of his Kingdom.


  • Identity is Everything
  • Kingdom Keys to Provision & Protection
  • Mastering a Wealthy Mindset
  • Your Rich Inheritance 

Deborah is known for her excitement and zeal she is
passionate about sharing the keys that unlock Kingdom
provision, prosperity, wealth and success. Deborah and
her husband Dennis are on a mission to help God's sons and daughters succeed and prosper in the area of
faith, family, and finances. 


Deborah is available to speak for private and
ministry events and can also be booked for private

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About Deborah Amaral

Deborah Amaral is an anointed transformational speaker, strategic kingdom thinker, marketplace minister and real estate investor.

Her greatest joy is presenting the powerful, life-changing message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Known for her excitement and zeal, she is passionate about awakening the Body of Christ to the reality of their royal identity, authority, and kingdom rights and benefits. She's a graduate of Charis Bible School.

Deborah and her husband Dennis divide their time between their homes in Florida, Massachusetts and Portugal.

Jessica and Nathaniel, her adult children in whom she is well pleased, are the apple of her eye and her priceless possessions. Far greater delight are they than any material wealth. Her four grandchildren are her most outstanding and precious dividends on her initial investment. 

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