Breakthrough Fast

The Healthy Way to Fast: Feel Great & Hear Clearly From God.

Do you sense God calling you to press in for MORE? Is this you:

  • You have a sincere desire to fast...but aren't sure how to go about it.
  • You can never seem to make it past the first few days...and end up feeling defeated.
  • When you fasted before, you felt so weak or sick, you experienced no spiritual benefit.
  • Maybe you've fasted succcessfully before, but still wonder if there's a healthier way 

I have good news! Help is just one click away.

I’ve been fasting for decades. 

I’ve seen the wonderful effects first hand. 

During my first 40 day fast, God healed a young mother of a brain tumor. 

After 7 days of fasting, my young-adult children were swept up into a hurricane while I was on the mission field overseas. They were miraculously spared from any harm (see my daughter's Facebook Post).

Even though there is great power released through fasting, too many believers miss out on the blessing for fear of getting sick, feeling weak, or having to scale back their commitments.


They've Already Experienced it!

I have never had success with fasting - ever - because I didn't have a plan. Dr. Kristin's book gave me the perfect plan to work with and I was never hungry. I was able to focus and spend great time with the Lord. – Carol DeLoach

This is absolutely easy peasy and so focused. Amazing! Wish I had this years ago. Talk about armed and dangerous! – Victoria Eagleson  

The Power Smoothie and bone broth recipes are absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. It was so delicious...and it sustained me as intended. – Teresa Aye  

Get The Breakthrough Fast

The Breakthrough Fast is a complete guide to a healthy fast. It includes:

  • What to Do Before the Fast
  • Detailed Recipes
  • Precise Daily Eating Plan 
  • Shopping List 
  • How to Get the Most out of the Fast 
  • What to Do Immediately Following the Fast  

Don’t delay. This is an introductory price on this amazing resource! Seek God and experience His breakthrough power in your life while feeding your body with the necessary nutrients to help you thrive. 

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